Cole Estrada


We are all holding something whether we are aware of it or not. Sometimes it can feel confusing to not be able to pinpoint the exact cause or nature of the distress we feel internally. Cole is here to help you on that journey. His approach is empathetic, curious, and authentic. He works to build a close therapeutic relationship where all of the difficult and confusing aspects of life can be explored and processed. His goal in this is to help people move toward healing and wholeness. Cole loves to make people feel heard and understood, and takes pride in seeing his patients experience growth and empowerment.

Cole’s areas of focus are working with adult individuals and couples. He works from a Psychodynamic approach with individuals and an Emotion-Focused Therapy approach with couples. Cole loves to go deep with clients and loves to explore the experiences, feelings, and relational aspects that impact us as humans. Cole has worked with diverse demographics and works from a place of empathy, authenticity, and curiosity.

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