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Growing up is one of the most bewildering and incredible periods of a person’s life. As a teenager, you may feel out-of-place and unsure of who you are. There are many things you might want to do or dream of, but going after them and achieving your goals is scary. For parents of adolescents, knowing how to be supportive while respecting your teen’s independence can feel impossible.

Conflict is common during adolescence; teens are eager to take control of their lives and start making big decisions for themselves. Parents may feel left out, disrespected and even afraid for their child. Both sides must understand one another, and adolescent counseling can be an incredible tool during this exciting and complex time.

What Is Adolescent Counseling?

Teenagers may often feel like they are stuck in an uncomfortable position between childhood and young adulthood. During adolescence, emotions run high, and it can be difficult to handle the rush of feelings and thoughts that have never come up before. Many people have their first experience with anxiety and depression as teenagers. Sometimes, adults write off adolescents’ feelings as “just being a teenager,” but their emotions and thoughts should be respected and taken seriously.

Adolescent counseling helps teenagers build confidence, learn life skills and adopt healthy habits that will carry them into young adulthood. Teen therapy can also be pivotal in resolving many of the common problems teenagers face including substance abuse, family conflict, bullying, peer pressure and academic struggles.

Is Adolescent Counseling Right for My Teen?

If you have been struggling to connect with your teenager, counseling can help. You may feel like they’ve completely shut you out, or they could be exhibiting behaviors that deeply concern you and drive a wedge between the family. Adolescent counseling can help families reunite and heal while learning to respect and understand one another more.

Therapy can help your teenager address many common problems including:

  • • Mood swings or low mood
  • • Anxiety
  • • Depression
  • • Eating disorders
  • • Substance abuse
  • • Behavioral changes
  • • School problems
  • • Disrespect and defiance
  • • Insomnia
  • • Loss of interest in activities
  • • Changes in personality
The most important thing to remember is that therapy is designed to heal a family, not fix a teenager. We do not believe that anyone needs to be repaired or that they are broken. Instead, it is our belief that some adolescents simply need more love and guidance to find themselves as they grow.
Caring Heart Counseling - Counseling Specialties - Teen Adolescent Counseling - Page Image

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