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Being in love is one of the most incredible feelings in the world, but love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship. Many couples find themselves lost in themselves as they try to be there for one another; unresolved trauma from the past, fear, insecurity, jealousy and mental illness can all stop a relationship from thriving.

The goal of marriage and couples counseling is not to find fault or blame; instead, a therapist works with the couple to help them reconnect with one another, work together as a team to solve problems and learn how to take ownership of their feelings without creating distance between them.

What Happens in Couples Therapy?

A counselor will help you and your partner by learning about you both as individuals and a couple. Your first session will be all about establishing a relationship with one of our counselors and setting the focus of your therapy. You, your partner and the therapist should all be on the same page and agree upon your goals for treatment.

Each person will be given an opportunity to express themselves without being judged for their feelings. Couples who are struggling with conflict, trying to overcome infidelity or other differences need to learn how to express their thoughts and emotions openly.

The therapist will act as both a guide and mediator; their role is to help you both see one another’s point of view. The greatest barriers to vulnerability is fear; insecure attachment styles, mental illness and insecurity are all topics that may be addressed as you strive to overcome fear through love, patience and honesty.

Finding Solutions to Your Biggest Problems

Couples who find themselves always fighting over the same issues, ignoring problems or struggling with physical intimacy can find freedom through therapy. Ending the constant cycle of avoidance and conflict is key to reconnecting and growing together.

Our therapists want to help you both recognize your worth as individuals; what you contribute to the relationship is the foundation of your love, and every partner needs to see their own worth. Couples counseling helps partners learn how to compromise and face their fears together.

Building a Healthy Future

Couples who are recently engaged, newly married or considering taking their relationship to the next level can also benefit from couples counseling. As a couple, you can prepare for future challenges and avoid taking on any unhealthy responsibilities or developing unfair expectations. Together, you can lay the framework for a healthy, loving and supportive relationship that encourages you to grow together and as individuals.

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