18 Jan 2021

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7 Mental Health Resources for LGBTQ Teens

Coming out as LGBTQ is a life-changing moment, but not everyone experiences the same sense of liberation and acceptance. Many teens can’t come out because they know they’ll face serious backlash from their families or communities. Even after you come out, your mental health struggles don’t magically disappear.

It’s okay to be scared and wondering whether it’s even a good idea to let others know who you are. While you figure out the right time to open up to your friends and family, Caring Heart Counseling is here to provide you with resources to get the support you need and deserve.

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is a non-profit organization that offers 24-hour crisis counseling for LGBTQ+ teens. In addition to a list of resources, they also provide telephone counseling and a chat that you can connect with anytime.

LGBT National Youth Talkline

The LGBT National Youth Talkline is available to anyone 25 and younger who needs someone to talk to. You can reach them at 800.246.7743 for 100-percent free and confidential support. You’ll have a safe space to talk with someone about issues including sexuality, gender, anxiety, problems with school, family troubles and relationships. You can also call simply to vent and be reminded that someone out there cares and you’re never truly alone.

Love Is Respect

When you’re new to relationships, it’s hard to know what’s healthy and what’s a red flag. If you aren’t out yet, you might find yourself trapped in a bad situation and not even able to get help from family or friends. Love Is Respect offers information on sex health, dating and support for victims of abuse. You can read their site or call them at 1.866.331.9474.

National Runaway Safeline

If you aren’t safe at home or are thinking of running away, call 1-800 RUNAWAY (1.800.786.2929) to speak with a trained responder who can help you figure out what to do and how to stay safe. You can also chat or use the forums to talk to others in similar situations. It’s always better to reach out, explain what you’re going through and receive help rather than put yourself in danger.

Help Guide

Help Guide published a variety of articles on topics ranging from a teenager’s guide to depression to eating disorders and suicide prevention. If you want a one-stop source to learn all the basics about a variety of mental health subjects, this is a fantastic place to start.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

NAMI dedicates itself to offering help and resources to LGBTQ teens, regardless of whether they’ve figured out their own identity yet. Here, you can learn about important LGBTQ statistics and learn how to find a good mental health professional who treats LGBTQ teens.

Caring Heart Counseling

Our Denver, Colorado theapists offer LGBTQ and gender identity counseling. Whether you need someone you can confide in or help dealing with problems like stress, anxiety or depression, we’re here to listen. Our therapy sessions are confidential, and we can help you work through your problems in a safe, non-judgemental space.

Contact Caring Heart Counseling for more information about counseling for LGBTQ individuals or request an appointment.