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Counselors that Take Medicaid in Denver

Counselors that Take Medicaid in Denver

One of the greatest barriers to treatment for people who need mental health counseling is price. Even with health insurance, many counseling services are not fully covered or must be paid for out of pocket. No one should ever have to suffer from mental health problems because of money; at Caring Heart Counseling, we accept a variety of insurance providers and Medicaid to make therapy as affordable and accessible as possible.

Quality Counseling Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Some people are concerned that if a therapist offers free or discounted services, then they are not as qualified as more expensive counselors. This is simply not true. Many therapists and clinics recognize the gap between people who need therapy and those who can afford it. As a result, they incorporate lower services, sliding payment scales and Medicaid coverage into their practices.

The evolving mental health conversation has raised greater awareness about the diverse population in need of therapy. In the past, counseling was, like many help services, only accessible by those who had the privilege of financial ability. However, people who are on Medicaid and come from low-income backgrounds tend to suffer more from mental illness and personal struggles. The gap between people who need counseling the most and those who could routinely access it is still too great, and we are striving to change that.

How Counseling Can Help You?

Medicaid will not change the type of services you receive from your therapist. Every counselor who accepts Medicaid and offers affordable therapy provides the same level of care to all their clients. You will be able to relax in a safe space, knowing that your personal feelings, thoughts and problems are all respected and valid to your therapist.

Counseling can help you do everything from address mental illness symptoms to build life skills like stress control and time management. You do not need to be suffering from a mental illness to benefit from therapy. Counselors that take Medicaid in Denver offer a variety of services, including:

Contact Us to Learn More

If you are on Medicaid and interested in working with a licensed counselor in Denver, contact us today. We are always happy to answer any of your questions about counseling, payment and more. Contact Caring Heart Counseling to get started.

10 Communities You Can Join in Colorado - Caring Heart Counseling (1) 27 Nov 2020

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Getting Help

10 Communities You Can Join in Colorado

10 Communities You Can Join in Colorado

Friendships are a big part of our social well-being. Making friends as an adult is challenging, especially during these trying times. But luckily, you can easily find groups online of like-minded people who host regular meetups. While you may have to wait to socialize face-to-face due to COVID-19, you can explore these 10 Denver-based groups for meetups to get plugged into the community and build new relationships.

Denver Friendship One

One of the largest Colorado meetup groups online, this group has over 6,400 members and routinely hosts events, adventures and communicates through emails and group chats. Activities include live music, cooking, hiking and a calendar of seasonal, scheduled events for anyone to join.

Black Women’s Alliance

For Black women in Denver who want to connect with others, the sisterhood of the Black Women’s Alliance is a powerful group with over 1,200 members. Find companionship, support and affirmation through connections with other Black women; participate in mindfulness meditations, presentations and more.

Nerdy 30s Ladies of Denver

Are you a woman who considers herself a homebody? Maybe you like reading more than going out, or you want a group of like-minded women you can chat to about all your nerdy passions and intellectual interests. They’re currently hosting virtual coffee and craft sessions you can join to make friends while you color, draw, build LEGOs or indulge any other creative outlet.

Denver Newbies Meetup

If you’re new to Denver and looking to meet new people in Colorado, this group has you covered. Adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s can mingle, socialize and get to know one another through a variety of activities. Recent events include online speed dating for professionals in their 20s and 30s and a new single friend mixer.

NAMI Boulder City

If you or someone you love needs mental health support, the Denver chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness hosts various free support groups every week, including a mental health support group, family support group and recovery group.

Strangers to Friends in Denver

This group’s motto is “People = possibilities!”. You can connect with over 4,000 people to make new friends, socialize and get to know others through virtual events like Zoom Movie Night.

Baby Boomers Social Club

Adults in the Baby Boomers generation (1946 and 1964) can meet others in their age group online. This active organization has over 3,300 members and is still growing. Making friends during your senior years is challenging, but groups like this can help you mingle and explore new interests.

Denver Young Professionals

Working professionals in their late 20s and 30s can network and meet new people through this group. The club is partnered with, a network of young professionals.

International Enneagram Association – Colorado Chapter

This group will help you learn more about yourself, improve relationships and meet others while learning about the Enneagram system and personality types. Online presentations and meetups cover a variety of topics.

Denver Dungeons & Dragons Newbies Sessions

Are you curious about the roleplaying game but never knew how to get started? Learn the ropes with other novices through this group. Routine online meetings and in-person sessions will teach you the basics through game sessions that typically span three to four hours each. Games are free, friendly and open to anyone who wants to learn how to play and meet others.

How to Bring Up Counseling to Your Teen

You can learn more about our teen counseling services and contact us anytime for more information. We’re also happy to provide you or your teen with personalized feedback about how we may help them address specific problems.