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Counselors that Take Medicaid in Denver

One of the greatest barriers to treatment for people who need mental health counseling is price. Even with health insurance, many counseling services are not fully covered or must be paid for out of pocket. No one should ever have to suffer from mental health problems because of money; at Caring Heart Counseling, we accept a variety of insurance providers and Medicaid to make therapy as affordable and accessible as possible.

Quality Counseling Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Some people are concerned that if a therapist offers free or discounted services, then they are not as qualified as more expensive counselors. This is simply not true. Many therapists and clinics recognize the gap between people who need therapy and those who can afford it. As a result, they incorporate lower services, sliding payment scales and Medicaid coverage into their practices.

The evolving mental health conversation has raised greater awareness about the diverse population in need of therapy. In the past, counseling was, like many help services, only accessible by those who had the privilege of financial ability. However, people who are on Medicaid and come from low-income backgrounds tend to suffer more from mental illness and personal struggles. The gap between people who need counseling the most and those who could routinely access it is still too great, and we are striving to change that.

How Counseling Can Help You?

Medicaid will not change the type of services you receive from your therapist. Every counselor who accepts Medicaid and offers affordable therapy provides the same level of care to all their clients. You will be able to relax in a safe space, knowing that your personal feelings, thoughts and problems are all respected and valid to your therapist.

Counseling can help you do everything from address mental illness symptoms to build life skills like stress control and time management. You do not need to be suffering from a mental illness to benefit from therapy. Counselors that take Medicaid in Denver offer a variety of services, including:

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If you are on Medicaid and interested in working with a licensed counselor in Denver, contact us today. We are always happy to answer any of your questions about counseling, payment and more. Contact Caring Heart Counseling to get started.